Monday, January 28, 2008

Crawling Babies and Snow Storms

It's amazing what a week's worth of amoxicillin can do. Last week I had two miserable boys and now they are both back to their normal happy selves, thank goodness! That is one of the hardest things as a parent, watching your child be sick and miserable and not being able to help them. Josh is a knee-rocker now and has managed to scoot his knees forward and then he thrusts his upper body forward. I'm sure it won't be long until he figures the crawling thing out.

The last picture was taken at the beginning of a huge storm we had this morning/afternoon. I did a stupid thing and decided to hit the big sale at Kohl's this morning. As I was driving there the weather was fine, but I noticed some dark clouds heading toward us. I kept driving and within minutes I was right in the middle of a blizzard. If any of you know me at all, you know I have a fear of driving in snow. Immediately my stomach started to churn and my knuckles were white, palms sweaty. I felt sick, literally. The whole time though Ben kept talking and saying how cool all the snow was. I tried not to show him I was scared out of my mind! I drove about 25 mph home, following a semi. I saw two accidents on the way home, which frightened me even more. Then I got off the ramp and headed up Center St. toward our house, skipping the grocery store because I didn't want to be out in the storm for one more minute than I had to. I started heading up our hill. For all those who haven't been to our house yet, I will just say, this hill is STEEP. It makes for a nice view, but man, it's a climb. I called Jake about half-way up because the wheels were turning but we weren't going anywhere. I kept flooring it and we would move, slide, then get stuck again. There was a car behind me, riding my tail and I just wanted to cry. My smart husband instructed me to put the car into 1st gear (which I hadn't thought of) and it took me probably 10 minutes to get up to our house, when normally it takes less than 2. It was the best feeling, pulling into our driveway and knowing we were all fine and the car had made it. What were we thinking to buy a house on a mountain??!! Jake of course reassures me that storms like these don't happen very often, and I wouldn't be driving in them. I was talking to Jake's mom about an hour after we got home and she said she heard on the news that Bountiful was getting hit hard and some roads were being closed. That's what I get for deciding to save a few bucks at a sale. What I went through today was definitely not worth the $8 I saved on a shirt! Oh well. I guess to have great snow you have to take the whole package, blizzards and all. I will be watching the weather very closely next time I decide to go out right before a storm!


Whitney said...

Holy poop! I thought we were hit hard! I'm glad you guys made it back safely! No more sales for you! Not until the snow subsides, deary.

Mindurs said...

I am glad to hear the boys are better. Sickness is no fun!

Yes, I know what you are saying living on a mountain with all that snow. You would think I would have gotten use to driving in the snow up steep hills when I lived with my parents, but no it still scares me out of my mind. Avoid driving in it altogether sounds like a good plan to me!

Chelsea said...

Glad to hear that your boys are feeling better. There is nothing worse than sick babies! I was driving in that storm too. I had to pick Adri up from school! It was awful. I'm glad that you got home safe.

Chad, Ashley, and Logan said...

I'm glad someone hates driving in the snow as much as I do. I know what you mean about sick kids! When Logan was sick for the first time I think I cried harder than he did. Poor kids!

Jennifer said...

I've been hearing about all the snow in Utah and thinking how neat it would be for our Ben to get to see it. But thinking about DRIVING in the mess and how scary that is, I'm okay that he's not getting to play in just yet!

We miss you guys too! Now that we have a Ben of our own, we should live UPSTAIRS from you guys..hehe. We seriously loved having yall for neighbors and learned a lot from yall! Good luck with the snow and almost-mobile little boy. (Ben just started crawling a couple of weeks ago and is into EVERYTHING!)

West Family said...

Wow, what a pretty snow(from inside a cozy warm, safe home!). That wasa really funny story, thanks for sharing. I am pretty fearless in snow,so it wasafunny story to me. We love you guys,