Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm an AUNT... again! :)

My best friend, Naomi, had her first baby today, December 12, 2007. Hayden David Nicholes was born at 10:17am and weighed 9 lbs. and was 21 3/4". (I LOVE his hair!)

It made me teary-eyed, reading Jeremy's e-mail announcing the birth of their son. Naomi is a sister to me and we have been friends for about 15 years. They tried for awhile to get pregnant and I was so excited when she told me she was due only a few weeks after me, in August, and then she miscarried last Christmas. Thankfully though, she now has her little Hayden and her and the baby seem to be doing well. I still haven't talked to her yet, but will call tomorrow once she has had some time to rest (she went through 30 hours of labor!) I love you, Nom, and I couldn't be happier for you guys. I just wish I could be there in person to give you, Jeremy, and Hayden my love. Congrats, you guys! All my love, Jamie


Chad, Ashley, and Logan said...

How exciting for your friend! I love the name Hayden. I totally knew exactly who you were. I just wasn't aware you had a blog. Not to mention you totally boosted Chad's confidence with the sexy comment. That picture that I posted of him cracks me up. The key to getting skinnier for me was getting sick, and I don't recommend it. My infusions that I got made food taste really funny. In fact while I get them I have to suck on jolley ranchers because the taste in my mouth is so bad. I still have lots to go, but thanks for the compliment it made me feel really good!

Whitney said...

I am so excited for Naomi!!! How wonderful for them to have a new addition! Now she'll get to experience the... joys of waking up every hour and everything else that hits you like a brick wall. (Not like I know. I'm still walking into my wall.)