Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Sugar until Thanksgiving... Who's in?!

After gorging myself Monday with plenty of mini Twix and mini Milky Ways (80 cals each... OUCH!), I figure it's time for a cleanse.  Who is with me?  3 weeks isn't THAT long, right?! ;)


Ashleigh said...

Definitely in seeing as I ate too much junk food and I'm trying to make my Whittle My Middle goal by Thanksgiving. I totally wanted something sweet tonight, but since I decided to do the challenge, I ate a cup of blueberries instead. So proud of myself ;-)

Katerina said...

Hi! I am going sugar free for the London 2012 Olympics to protest against the fact that the main sponsors of the Games are the fast food chains! Well, it's also to cleanse a little bit:)) You with me?