Sunday, October 23, 2011

80s Rockstar and Mohawk Hipster

Emma got to wear her Halloween costume to her friend's birthday party on Friday.  She LOVES this outfit and it fits her personality perfectly.  She loves makeup and jewelry.  She loves leggings, slap bracelets, and anything that looks like dance clothes.  She even loves her side ponytail and says she wants to wear her hair like that now.  Oh my.  If you want to know what I loved 20 years ago, just look at Emma.  I loved bright neon colors, big hair, jewelry.  Pretty funny.
Yesterday morning Emma and Josh were quietly working in their bathroom, door closed.  I knew something was up.  When the door opened, Josh emerged with a huge mohawk and the biggest smile on his face.  "Look what Emma did to me!  She gave me a mohawk!"  Emma was proud of her creation.  Those two crack me up!  Ben could have gotten in on the action but missed out because he spent the weekend at his cousins' house in Lehi.  I'm sure Emma will try to get him next time!  (Emma didn't want her hair down or makeup off from her party the night before, so she looked like this all day long, even to our trip to Costco.  Yes, I am that parent who lets my kid do that.  We have to pick our battles right?)

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