Friday, February 11, 2011

The January Blahs

Does anyone else feel like January is the worst month of the year?!  You get the letdown from the holidays, back to the daily grind, while dealing with snow storms and weather in the single digits.  I've looked over my blog the past 19 days and kept trying to think of something awesome, or funny, or inspiring to say... and nothing ever came.  I blame my lack of creative juices on January, sucking the life out of me.

And now it's February.  It's still cold.  But the fact we are one month closer to spring makes me happy.

So what have we been up to?  The same old, same old.

Ben is still taking taekwondo Tuesday and Thursday nights.  He loves it so much, which is not his personality, to love something so much (besides games, he loves any and all games.)  We were hoping to get him into a team sport since Jake and I both feel that a lot of good life lessons are learned playing a team sport and having to work together with other people.  We gave Ben the choice of soccer, baseball, or taekwondo, and he didn't even give it a second thought as he blurted out "taekwondo."  So, taekwondo it is.  Ben started cub scouts last month and is enjoying that.  I think he feels like a big boy now, going to scouts like dad (Jake's the scoutmaster for our ward.)

Emma goes to dance Tuesdays and Wednesdays (and lately it's been Fridays, too, since the teams are getting ready for competitions coming up next month.)  When Emma isn't at dance, she is home with the radio cranked, dancing freestyle and doing handstands and cartwheels all over the living room.  She's been working on her back-walkover and actually did it once all by herself.  She tried it again and went too fast and fell and it scared her, so she's a little more cautious now.

I was thinking about Josh this morning, as I watched him play with his little learning laptop he got for Christmas.  The mouse can be moved to the left side or right side, which we didn't know it had that capability until we pulled it out of the box.  We are very glad it moves as we have discovered we have a "lefty" in our family.  Jake and I have talked about how we need to buy lefty scissors and a baseball mitt he can wear.  He puts Ben's on his right hand and it just doesn't work.  The poor guy.  He will have to take tips from Aunt Whitney on how to be a lefty in a right-handed world.

Jake is plugging along at his work.  He is planning to go to Eugene, Oregon in a few weeks for a work conference.  He has tried to plan a few campouts for his scouts the past couple months and each one has fallen through.  Winter is just a tough time for campouts.  Hopefully when it gets warmer, the boys will get more excited about it.

I'm still going to the gym every day and feel I'm getting stronger and stronger.  I have been working on my breathing exercises this week and eating better breakfasts and it seems both of these things have had a pretty big impact on my workouts.  I told myself I was going to run a 5K on the treadmill today, and I did it in 32:15.  Not my fastest by far, but my fastest post-lung surgery run and I'm proud of myself.  I'm trying to build my base back up and then see where I can go from there.  This is all new territory for me.  I'm trying not to set any expectations, just see how far I can push myself.  Something else that is new for me: not getting sick, not even ONCE this winter.  I've been so used to getting pneumonia or bronchitis at least twice in the winter, but not this time.  (knock on wood!)  So nice to feel healthy and not worry about catching every little cold the kids bring home.

The gym, work, and my mom/wife duties take up all my time at the moment.  I had a talk with Polly, my good friend and boss, and told her I need to take an Udder Ointment break.  Not sure if this will be permanent or not, but for now it's off the table.  As I've taken on more responsibilities at the dance studio, it's become a bigger time commitment than when I started and I have really felt pulled in every direction.  Taking one thing off my plate has been a good decision.  I have felt less stressed, and feel I can put more time into being "mom" during the day, and "office manager" at night.  I love my job at the studio.  We are getting costumes ready for competitions, planning out a Spring Review performance in a few weeks, and you can just feel the tension and energy in the studio.  I can't wait to see the kids perform.  They have all worked so hard these past few months to learn and perfect their routines.

And that's about it for the Schip's right now.  So glad spring is just around the corner!

PS I'm posting this picture because I told my friend, Selena, I would.  For our RS meeting last night we had a professional cake decorator come and teach us some of her tips and tricks.  Then we all got to decorate our own cupcake using fondant and molding chocolate.  I chose to do a birthday cupcake and thought it turned out really cute.  Josh and Emma were so excited to eat it after lunch today.


Becky said...

Cute cupcake! (And cute Lefty.) I agree, more than happy to have January done! So good to hear from you guys. I was wondering how you were doing.

Sonja said...

The cupcake looks like something right out of Dr. Seuss. You ought to do a cake like that for Jake's next BDay.

Whitney said...

As far as being left-handed goes, I learned a lot of things with the right hand. Since everyone on the computers used the mouse with their right hand, I used it with my right hand. And left-handed scissors sucked mucho when I was in kindergarten, so I just had to learn how to use right-handed scissors.

Other than that, a mitt made for the right hand is a must. He'll have to get used to a permanent ink stain on his left pinky once he starts writing. And he just might be into the arts more than sports because he's using his right brain more than his left.

Encourage it. I'm glad to have another family member joining 8-15% of the rest of us. (:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the cupcake!


Kathi Conley said...

Hi Jamie,
My name is Kathi Conley,and I'm a member of the Lungnoids Group on Yahoo. I had the same surgery as you in October of 2008. I loved the pics you posted of your surgery....pretty cool to see what my surgery looked like too! I started a fitness program back in August and have recently taken up jogging. I noted from your blog that you do breathing exercises...can you tell me about them? I have trouble regulating my breathing during jogging (and even walking uphill!) and would love to try some breathing exercises to see if they help. Thanks!

Kathi Conley said...

i forgot to include my email address: thanks!