Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 Miles... and I'm Feelin' Good

I went back to the dr a couple weeks ago for a 2nd chest x-ray, just following up on my pneumonia. It had been 2 months since my first chest x-ray and to be honest, I've still been coughing and I get wheezy in the morning and at night, but for the most part I feel much better than I did a few months ago. Well, my second chest x-ray showed my right lung looked the 'exact same' since the first x-ray. WHAT?!! How could that be?!! I don't know what I can do to get myself 100% again but I figure I just have to do the best I can with what I've got. I can tell when I run I don't have the lung capacity that I used to, but that doesn't stop me from doing it. And on days like today, I feel like I've accomplished something much more than just the physical act of running a certain number of miles. I'm overcoming mental barriers too. This morning I ran 6 miles straight in 57:21 and felt really good. My legs were fresh, my breathing was pretty regulated, and most of the run felt 'effort-less'. Better news: no GI problems afterward! I tried drinking more water during my run compared to what I normally drink, and that seemed to help. I'm wondering if I should just sign-up for the SLC 1/2 marathon in April. Part of me wants to, but the other part only wants to do it if I feel I can PR and I know at this point with my pneumonia-setback, I'm just not as strong as I was after my last half marathon in August (of course the $70 is a big concern too.) I would love to do Hobble Creek again this summer so maybe I will shoot for that one. We'll see. Overall though, I'm feelin' good (bring it on, Mr. Buble.)


Crystal said...

I am doing the SLC 1/2. You should come join me. A good run makes a big difference. I haven't had one of those for a long time and I am missing my high. Great job on the run and keep up the good work.

Dream Big Designs said...

Thanks so much for our night out! It was sooo wondeful and I loved talking your ear off. You are such a sweet heart to think of me and just know that I love ya to pieces!