Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pneumonia... Take 2

My mom, sister Ashleigh, and two nieces Jayden and Ryleigh drove here Wednesday night. We have all been looking forward to having them here. Wednesday night I started feeling the chills. Thursday I had a 103 temperature and my cough I've had for 2 weeks was getting really bad. I woke up Friday with pain in my right lung and temps of 101-104 all day. Jake had a board meeting on Friday night and Ashleigh and my mom went down to Provo to watch my youngest sister (Whitney's) performance for Divine Comedy at BYU. So I was babysitting my nieces and had my three kids and felt like death. Last night I had a horrible sleep and today I had a high 105 temp. I felt horrible and thought it was bronchitis, like I have had 2 times this past year. I went to Instacare and found out I have pneumonia. I had it two years ago and the dr said once you get it, you are more prone to bronchial problems when you get sick. Jake has a conference tonight and leaves in the morning for DC. Thank goodness my mom and sister were here these past few days. I feel bad that I was basically stuck on the couch the whole time they were here, but thankful they were here to help take care of me and the kids. They leave tomorrow morning after they take Jake to the airport. I'm hoping I survive these next few days on my own. Right now I'm doped up on hydrocodone (a narcotic cough medicine) and I actually feel like I can function a little. Tonight I'm really thankful for narcotics.

PS No pics this time around but you can use your imagination from this picture Jake took of me the last time I had pneumonia.


Sonja said...

Amen, brotha! I feel bad leaving you, but need to get home for work.

Pete & Mal said...

I am sorry to hear that! being sick is never fun! Let me know if me and Pete can help. If you need me to take your kids one night so you can get some rest let me know!

Loren said...

So sorry Jamie. Maybe Ben can stay home from school to help. Because we were on year round school Ari was off for most of the month the I was sick. Just having someone to be a playmate for Linc was a huge help. Hugs and Prayers, Kara