Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sickies, Snow, and Sugar Cookies

Ben called me from school yesterday in tears saying he threw up during recess. When I got to the main office the poor guy was sitting there with his jacket and backpack, and looked so pale. I gave him a big hug and tears flowed down his cheeks as he explained how he threw up in the stairs outside during recess... not just once, but twice. I took his temp when we got home and it was nearly 103. I gave him some tylenol, tucked him in and let him and Emma watch Scooby Doo during quiet time. Ben was lethargic all day yesterday and is still sick today, but his temp is lower so hopefully he will be back to school tomorrow. I told him last night that this is actually a blessing because he will be better by Halloween so he can go trick-or-treating. If he got sick on Thursday or Friday, he probably wouldn't get to go. (That seemed to make him feel a little better.) I took this picture last night. Ben was resting on the couch and Emma and Josh climbed on top of him and tried to make him feel better. Ben was a good sport about it and let them. Ben says he is making his 'sick face' in the picture. After I took the picture and put my camera away, Emma came up to me and said "Mom, I just tucked Ben in really tight with his blankie and made sure he is okay." She is my mini-mom and such a sweetheart.

And yes, we have SNOW! This is the first snow of the season and I can't say I'm too thrilled. Thankfully, I'm sure it won't stay around. It should turn to slush later on in the day. I just want the kids to have fun trick-or-treating on Saturday and snow would put a damper on things. Last year it rained and we had to go home early. Crossing my fingers we have decent weather and no sick kids!

On Sunday we celebrated our sister-in-law, Mallory's birthday. After the cake-eating and present-opening, all the women helped the kids frost and decorate Halloween cookies. Emma, Hannah, and Isabelle really enjoyed it. The boys seemed content frosting their own cookies, eating them, and then going back downstairs to play. Although, Josh did stay the entire time. He's no dummy. When he's around sugar and mom is letting him go to town, he will take advantage of the situation. I would frost a couple cookies, then he would take a bite of one, put it back, take another, lick it, put it back, then get another one, etc. After he had his way with 3 or 4 cookies, I had to stop him. Funny kid! Thanks Grandma Schip for making the cookies at 4am that day, just so the grandkids would have them later that day. You're super-grandma!

I have to laugh at this last picture. My mom and dad sent some really cute clothes for the kids they found at garage sales. It was like Christmas, opening up this huge suitcase filled with clothes, weighing 48 lbs. Emma was more excited than I was. She kept pulling them out faster than I could look at them. She helped me separate all the clothes into piles, "too big" and "just right", and then into Josh, Ben, and her piles. She tried on all her clothes and picked out her favorite outfit (for the moment.) Then she asked me to take a picture of her, and this was the end result. She is definitely our little Diva.


Nancy K said...

Throwing up is the worst!!! Especially to be at school-good thing he has a great mom to come and rescue him. I can remember trying to hold in tears until I saw my mom.
Hope he feels better-and yes better to be sick now than on Halloween.
And Emma is quite the little model in her new clothes from the grandparents!

The Thornocks said...

I remember throwing up in my classroom in 1st grade @ Barnett. It got it all over my desk and on the carpet and myself. It was embarrassing! It is a good thing that he's getting it now, though. That would be rough to miss out on Halloween.
We just decorated cookies yesterday. It's so much fun to start doing all this holiday stuff. I love it!
And obviously Emma is adorable. We really miss you guys. Next year I plan on taking some trips out there if that's okay with you.


Oh, Jamie I hope this is one of those 24-hour bugs and not something that is like what we had. It's so lame to throw up and it's so lame to clean up throw up! It was really good to see you guys the other night. Hope all turns out well for Halloween.

Whitney said...

Poor guy. And Jake was worried I'd get the kids sick. (: Now we're both all rested up for Halloween. Can't wait!!!

Jake Garlick said...

That's disgusting. Let's pray you washed the clothes before you put the kids in them.

Love, Jake