Wednesday, December 10, 2008

#4: 6 Week Weigh-In

It's hard to believe it has been 5 1/2 months since I started working with my trainer... nearly half a year. It doesn't feel that long. I was hoping to be at my goal weight by the end of the year but I know that won't be happening, which I'm okay with. I'm still working hard and with battling bronchitis and a broken toe this past month, and then Thanksgiving and all the wonderful food that came along with the holiday, my results are still decent. I'm losing more inches than I am lbs. which is still good in my book. My trainer told me today that my goal (to lose 14 more lbs.) is nothing and I will get there soon. Hopefully he's right.

So, in 5 months I've lost:

25 lbs. (lost 3 lbs since last weigh-in)
9% body fat
(lost 2% body fat since LWI)
6 inches from my waist (lost 1.5 inches since LWI)
5.5 inches from my hips (lost 1.5 inches since LWI)
2 inches from my right arm (lost .25 inches since LWI)
1.75 inches from my right thigh
(lost 1 inch since LWI)
.5 an inch from my right calf since last weigh-in
1.5 inches from my neck (lost .5 inch since LWI)

Here are some pictures from last Saturday. Our neighbor took a great pic of Jake and I all dressed up in front of our tree right before we left for Jake's party, but it accid
entally got erased. The party was wonderful, though. It was at La Caille and we were served yummy food (halibut, steak, potatoes, salad, rolls, pasta salad, etc.) I think secretly Jake enjoyed dressing up in his tux, even though he protested most of the time. He is one handsome devil (with or without the tux!) The last picture is of our good friends, Dave & Emily. Dave's office is a few doors down from Jake and they actually went to law school together, so we've known them awhile. It was fun to have a couple to hang out with the whole night.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season. I know we are!


Verenice said...

WOW! You look really good. I can really see it in your face.

Crystal said...

Beautiful dress! How fun for you to be able to dress up for an evening. Sweet jab on the weight loss.

hotmama said...

You are looking FABULOUS keep up the good work

Chelsea said...

WOW! Jame, I really have to say that you really look 5 years younger since you've lost so much weight. You look great! I'm sure you feel great and you should. You've worked so hard! Love the gown...Awww..... Looks very romantic. and fun. I'm jealous.

Bev Tate said...

you both look stunning off course you more so. Your hair has got so long, it looks great to. good job

cousinfamily said...


You inspire me. I too have made it my goal to lose my baby weight. IT'S SO HARD. My goal for myself is that I have to lose my baby weight if I want to have another baby. Seems kinda silly I know. I have lost 10 lbs so far but I unlike you have 40 more that I want gone. You look fabulous in your dress. I hope I get to that point. Keep up the good work your amazing.

Grays said...

You look AMAZING!!! I love the hair too. How fun to have an excuse to get dressed up like that.

M-GemBlaisdell said...

Dang Jamie!! I honestly think you look better than EVER! Jaws are going to drop at your 10 year reunion. I want that dress (and necklace)!