Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Emma's Dance Class & Ben's T-Ball

Emma had her first dance class Tuesday and she LOVED it. She is the youngest in her class and it definitely shows, but she didn't care. When it was time to go she started crying because she wanted to stay and keep dancing. She gets distracted pretty easily and mostly just jumps around to the music, but that's to be expected from a 3-year old. Her group is learning a dance to Chicken Noodle Soup by DJ Webstar (see attached video clip.) She can do a few of the moves as long as the teacher is in the front, showing her what to do. I'm just happy she enjoys it. We are going to get her enrolled this fall, maybe do tumbling and a ballet/tap/jazz class. Ben and I were watching her and Ben looked at me and said "Mom, Emma is REALLY good. Maybe she will get a trophy!" It was so cute. I'm glad the kids love and support each other so much.

Ben's t-ball coach spoke with Jake last week and said Ben could come get his shirt and hat any
time so we stopped by last night. It was the team's 4th game and Ben was dying to go out and play. I thought I would let him bat one inning and see how it went. He hit the ball and flew around the bases. Even though he couldn't field the ball (can't wear the mitt), he still begged me to stay the whole game so he could bat each inning. I figured with his cast on, he would be okay (these 5 & 6 year olds don't get too physical!) He had a blast and told me at the end how he "LOVES this game!" I think we will definitely be going back each game now, at least so he can bat. His last game is the 7th and he gets his cast off the 9th. Oh well, at least he can play somewhat. Emma kept him company while his team went on the field and Josh kept busy finding every piece of garbage on the ground and putting it in his mouth. Overall, it was a great night, I just wish Jake could have been there (he was at scouts.) I'm glad my kids are happy and involved in fun activities they really enjoy.


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The Thornocks said...

I totally need to enroll Jayden in some classes. She was here when I was reading your post and she kept yelling, "Mom, it's Ben and Emma! Look, go back up! Click on that picture! Mom, look!!!" The video was cute, but there were some majorly suggestive moves in there! I guess they need to be taught early in order to be ahead of their peers. Emma will be very knowledgable in the art of "dancing", ehem, if you know what I mean....just kidding, it was really cute.

Melanie said...

The kids look darling with their summer fun. You will need to let us know when Emma performs her dance so Hannah and Isabelle can come and watch and we really would like to come to one of Ben's games. So, fill us in.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

I LOVE that she is in dance. And check out Ben's skill with his cast!